We’ll probably start off calling it “Glass Optimization,” but then change it to something more lucid and impressive like “Google Glasses Enhancement” or “Google Geospatial Optimizations,” and it’ll be the most awesome thing in SEO since anchor text. Get those Project Plans ready, because here’s what that work may actually look like.

5 Ways to Optimize for Google Glass

Suggest Better Results – Google is impressive, but our world is more so. Google’s algorithm can’t know about something until we humans verify it, either passively or directly. I imagine that Google Glass will have an interface similar to Google Goggles, allowing the user to bing what they see, and it probably won’t work very well.

Google is blind; help it see by optimizing Goggles.

One day a week, take your Glass out for a spin from the perspective of your client and make sure things that they’ll search yield a good experience. If not, use the suggest a better result feature and call it SEO.

Geo-Tag Everything – It’s still a little unclear how Glass will interact with GPS, it seems from their patent it will actually be connected to one’s cell phone. Well in the Google Maps app, there is a little thing called Google Latitude that seems to be the bank of location information. Google offers an API for developers to integrate with this technology. Take some time and see to it that anything being developed has Latitude capability baked in.

Re-Invigorate those Mobile Keywords – With the rise of mobile queries, special attention needs to be paid to creating mobile friendly content that matches the distinct intent, as laid out by Bryson Meunier.

Glass will keep us dry

Adoption of Glass will make this even more important. Not only will “mobile” queries increase, but the willingness to consume it will too – as Glass won’t require holding a big phone and looking down, exposed to walking into ill-placed mall fountains.

Play Ingress – Ingress is an odd Android game created by Google where players walk around with their GPS on and do things. I’m terrible at it, but as suggested by New Scientist, there is probably something deeper going on here.

Ingress is likely more than a game, it’s part SEO

Google “…may get information about new monuments, and that actually helps them generate more interesting search results, because these are the things that local people say are interesting.” For our retail clients, a well mapped Ingress playing field around a store may raise the likelihood of that part of Earth being featured for local terms; it’s worth a test at least.

Make Them Cool – Google Glasses look pretty dorky right now, but so did everything in fashion at one point. As this Forbe’s naysayer points out “…it’s definitely very odd indeed for anyone looking at such wearers (of Glass).”

Google will need more than Sergey wearing these

If you find that referrals from Glass are high converting, convince your client to dedicate some influence ($) to changing hearts and minds. All we need is the likes of Tom Brady, Jennifer Lawrence, or even a commercial actor to sport these things on TV before every middle schooler wants them for Christmas.

With this latest advancement from Google, the future of search is bright indeed and will draw the attention from SEOs and clients alike, at least until we’re optimizing for the Google car.

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